100 Women Who Care

Faith Works has been blessed with a donation
from “100 Women Who Care”


For those of you who may not be aware, Craig Viges joined our Faith Works  team a few months ago. He has been working on securing monies from grants, foundations and other charities for Faith Works. One of the first groups he approached was 100 Woman Who Care based in Rochester. With his guidance and direction we asked Margaret Robertson (Levi’s Mom) to join 100 Woman in hope that at some point she would be asked to present our story. The group meets quarterly and all the members donate $100 quarterly. Potential recipients who must be a 501(c)(3) and sponsored by a member, are put into a hat and three are drawn to present and after the presentations the members vote. Well, Margaret attended her first meeting last evening, Faith Works was the third name drawn out of the hat, Margaret presented and the membership voted for Faith Works! This entire process has been guided by the Holy Spirit, Praise the Lord. Read 100 Woman Who Care Announcement  below:

Winning Presentation for February 11, 2015


Presented by: Margaret Roberston

FaithWorks is a Christian group of men, women and young adults (high school & college) from the Greater Metro Detroit area who serve God by volunteering to assist people in need. We gather together, in the name of Jesus, to support one another while we support those less fortunate in the communities in which we live.  FaithWorks, based out of Rochester, reviews requests for help from widows, military wives, single moms, and senior citizens.

Volunteers help with painting, roof repair and replacement, drywalling, carpentry, electrical and plumbing issues, yard work, deck staining and powerwashing, along with many other services to those who are in need for financial or health limitations.


 Amount to be donated: $17,900

*Total amount raised reflects 100% participation.
179 members as of 2/11/15