UAW-Ford and Faith Works

UAW-Ford and Faith Works Build New Ramp for Disabled Roseville Citizen


Roseville, Mich., July 8, 2013—UAW-Ford and Faith Works have teamed up to help a citizen of Roseville feel a little safer every day by building a new deck and ramp for her home.

Mrs. Aostola Templeton of Park Street in Roseville had seen the ramp on her home fall into disrepair over the years. Increasingly, she felt as if it was no longer safe to use to get in and out of her home. That’s when UAW-Ford and Faith Works stepped in.

Skilled workers from UAW-represented Ford Motor Company plants were sent to the site to build Mrs. Templeton a sturdy new ramp and deck to replace the ramp that was no longer in working condition. All labor and materials were donated by UAW-Ford.

“I want to thank UAW-Ford and Faith Works for this unselfish gift that will make my life easier and safer,” said Mrs. Templeton.

“There’s nothing more important to UAW-Ford than giving back to the community, but having the opportunity to partner with a community group like Faith Works to help touch a life makes this project that much more special,” said UAW Vice President Jimmy Settles.

“” Keith Pionk, from Faith Works of Michigan says, “Without the Hard work of  UAW-Ford this project would not have been possible, thanks and God Bless.”

About UAW-Ford

UAW-Ford is a non-profit organization that provides training for UAW-represented Ford Motor Company employees in areas like Quality, Diversity, Education, and Health and Safety. As a non-profit, it is also deeply involved in strengthening the communities where UAW-represented employees work and live.

About the UAW-Ford Ramp Project

UAW-Ford began building modular ramps in the Southeastern Michigan community in 2012 as part of the Ray West Memorial Ramp Project. Since then, the project has expanded across the country to places where UAW-Ford has a footprint.

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