Our reward is to be able to show the light of Jesus to the people He brings to us to serve. The following notes and emails bring glory to our God showing what happens when we  “Love our Neighbor”.

We hope they lift you up and bring hope to your day.

From Andrea:  A single mom with 2 teen age children

From Kristina:  A new widow who needed to relocate and some fix-up in the new home.

JoAnn’s home was one of the biggest projects we have taken on, other than building a home in a week. Major demo and restructure of the back wall of the home and drainage in the back yard.

 Dear Men of Faith Works,
It goes without saying that this could have possibly been the longest running project out there and although this note is far, far overdue, the thankfulness and gratitude Dave and I, and our entire family have for all of you is immeasurable. The dedication and hard work that went into finding the problem, trying to get the insurance company to help us, working around the weather and all the other crazy things we faced, in the end have produced a new laundry room that has been transformed into a lovely and very functional space! I Absolutely LOVE It!
When you first came alongside me I was a single Mom with a HUGE problem on my hands. When Faith Works (all of you) were informed of what I was facing there were so many helping hands that came together and participated in brainstorming on how we were going to make this project work. There seemed to be some extensive structural problems and the cost looked to be quite significant. I remember wondering how this was going to work. I continued to pray and trust God and at some point, Bill called and told me that an anonymous donation had come in to help fund the project in addition to what Faith Works had budgeted. What a blessing! God is so faithful. So much so, that through the process of working on this project, He not only provided all of you to come along-side me to help fix the laundry room, He provided the extra funds, and He also brought to me a wonderful amazing husband! Dave Ryder.
When Dave first came to help with Todd, we weren’t even dating. Then as time passed we started doing things together in some of the singles ministries and before long we became engaged and then married. Dave was so thankful to be part of the project. He learned so many things from many but especially from Tim and Todd!
Tim was a fabulous team leader. He made the final call on how we were going to move forward! If you want direction and leadership Tim is the Man for the job! He keeps you on task and makes sure the project is moving forward. His knowledge and know how is quite broad. Thanks to Gary, he was the one who had zeroed in on where the water was coming from so that was able to be corrected. Gary and his brother also helped me in getting a new furnace. Bob had the brainpower for installing the vapor barrier under the crawl space. Dave is still working on that but hopes to have it finished up this summer. Todd was there till the end in doing all of the finishing work as well as a couple other guys that I’m so sorry I can’t remember your names. Even so, I am very grateful to all of you!
Again, we as a family, we want you to know that every single one of you have certainly been a tremendous blessing to all of us!
May God Bless Richly Bless each of you for your kindness.
Thank you very much.
JoAnn and Dave