Vol Hrs



Your labor of love is with no compensation except what the Lord is laying up for you in heaven and the blessing of being able to help others.

Enter the project Name the best you know it and if you don’t know the project number, leave that field blank.  You can also record your hours at the Monday meetings or by email to the address below. On major projects you should also find a log book on site to record your hours. Ask your project leader for the log book before you leave for the day.

Click on this link for the on line form to record your hours.

Record your hours click on this link

Or send an email to:
Ken Eaton at:  2cooldrumr@comcast.net

Name of project (as best you know it)
Your name & others you are reporting for
Date you are reporting (1 report for each day)
If it is a Faith Works project or for OPC
Total # hrs you and the people you are reporting for worked (rounded to nearest quarter hr)